KOURASANIT creates resilient, great looking materials with impressive natural properties. Since 1978 we have been building the company firm in the belief that the quality of our environment affects our quality of life.

Modern architecture and interior design seeks to minimise the negative environmental impacts of buildings by making them more efficient and being more sparing when it comes to the use of materials, energy and surface areas.

KOURASANIT has dynamically responded to this trend. Our commitment to the environment lies at the very core of our business. Our production line’s environmental focus clearly reflects our concern with reducing our environmental footprint. This symbol indicates  KOURASANIT’s commitment to the following:



This symbol indicates KOURASANIT’s commitment to the following:

Products made from natural aggregate that don’t generate waste. In doing so we don’t pollute the environment.

The natural aggregates that are used are extracted from certain areas designated by the state based on specific environmental criteria.

Some of the basic raw materials used for the KOURASANIT products are recycled materials such as ceramic powder and pulverised glass.

Production is limited to a made-to-order basis. Quantities are accurately assessed thereby ensuring  that energy waste and use of natural resources are minimised.

Thepackaging used for KOURASANIT products is 100% recyclable and the pallets we use to transport our products are made from recycled materials.

KOURASANIT’s natural hydraulic mortars of are classed as NOT dangerous for man and the environment in line with Directive 67/548/EEC.

KOURASANIT’s products are easy to use and environmentally-friendly since they do not contain chemical substances.

KOURASANIT’s products do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

KOURASANIT's products are the perfect choice for a healthy environment both because they reduce users’ exposure to harmful substances and because of air permeability.

KOURASANIT’s products are compatible with all the thermal cladding insulation systems (which improve a building’s energy rating) and do not negatively influence the thermal conductivity or masonry.

KOURASANIT’s products for floors and walls are not only compatible with but also the first choice for bioclimatic homes.

Due to their flexibility KOURASANIT’s products can be applied directly onto existing surface without having to remove the existing material thereby safeguarding the natural environment against additional waste.