The miracle that is natural materials is truly awe-inspiring. Mother nature creates durable structures that stand the test of time; that blend seamlessly into the environment. We’ve chosen nature as our muse.

Using natural materials and precious ancient formulas, KOURASANIT has opened up a whole new chapter for the construction world, with man and the environment at its core. Traditional Roman mortar, which was used for centuries – from the construction of the Hagia Sophia to glazing kitchen utensils – has inspired KOURASANIT to produce a range of building materials for the future.

Construction techniques change and improve constantly. New, contemporary ideas provide solutions for problems such as endurance, durability and aesthetics. KOURASANIT capitalises on the profound knowledge of past generations and has developed and evolved it, producing materials that follow tradition but are more contemporary and up-to-date than ever before.

Buildings are living organisms. Using natural materials not only ensures that the building breathes  but also that it’s long-lasting. The aesthetic result is superb and construction costs are very competitive compared to standard materials. The overall effect is an improvement in one’s quality of life.