KOURASANIT is innovative in its construction materials. As a pioneering, dynamic company, today it is classed as a trendsetter and market driver in the field of decorative construction materials and hydraulic mortars.

Founded in 1978, the company initially started out producing and blending mortars used to maintain and restore archaeological and historical monuments. Both the company’s name and its expertise are based on traditional mortar known as Roman mortar or kourasani which has beenfamous since antiquity.

Traditional Roman mortars are well known for their hydraulic, engineering and thermal insulation properties. They were therefore widely used in numerous construction projects during the Roman and Byzantine periods, such as bridges, aqueducts, Byzantine churches, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Hagia Sophia and other monuments of great historical importance as well as in Minoan palaces.

It was this in-depth study of ancient traditional construction methods which brought to light the advantages of using these original materials and that led KOURASANIT to think in such a different way. Today it is able to create and market a wide modern range of great looking completely environmentally-friendly materials.

What makes KOURASANIT stand out from other companies is that manufacture of its products is essentially based on processing natural aggregates combined with pozzolana (lava) and hydrated lime. This is the reason why KOURASANIT has become established as a leading specialist in the production of  highly durable mortars.

Respecting both man and the environment, KOURASANIT today produces innovative materials of outstanding quality which are easy to use and apply both indoors and outdoors.

The result is modern surfaces with a great natural texture that improve life both at home and work.

KOURASANIT’s ever-expanding network includes shops and points of sale across Europe and the USA, although we can cater for customers located anywhere in the world.