Natural (hydraulic) repair mortars and natural aggregates used as contemporary materials enhance the quality of restoration works and interventions on historical buildings and monuments. Since 1978 KOURASANIT has specialised in the production and blending of mortars used to maintain and restore archaeological and historical monuments. Our experience in this field makes us one of the leading companies in the world of specialised construction materials.

Hydraulic mortars and restoration materials produced by KOURASANIT are widely used in monasteries and churches in Greece and abroad, in countries such as Serbia, Albania and Russia. Just some of the projects on which our materials have been used are the city walls and Rotunda in  Thessaloniki, the Venetian walls of Heraklion,, the Palaces of Vergina, Knossos and Mycenae, the castles of Skyros and Corfu, the archaeological site of the Acropolis, Sounion, Dodona and Delphi, as well as Monasteries of Mount Athos and various churches  throughout Greece. Excellent examples of how KOURASANIT materials have been used can be seen at the following Mount Athos Monasteries:

  • Holy Monastery of Vatopedi
  • Holy Monastery Iviron
  • Holy Monastery Chiliandariou
  • Holy Monastery of Dionysiou
  • Holy Monastery Koutloumousiou
  • Holy Monastery Pantocrator
  • Holy Monastery Xeropotamou
  • Holy Monastery Zografou
  • Holy Monastery Docheiariou
  • Holy Monastery Karakallou
  • Holy Monastery Philotheou
  • Holy Monastery Simonopetra
  • Holy Monastery of Saint Paul
  • Holy Monastery Stavronikita
  • Holy Monastery of Xenophon
  • Holy Monastery Gregoriou
  • Holy Monastery of Esphigmenou
  • Holy Monastery of St. Panteleimon
  • Holy Monastery Konstamonitou