• Paint your space with the colours of the earth. more +

  • Balanced where sea meets arching sky, where nature meets luxury, our new palette specifically for swimming pools offer oceanic grandeur. The KOURASANIT “EDGE COLLECTION” filler coating is suitable for both the interior and the exterior of the swimming pool. more +

  • Drawing inspiration from nature's palette of materials, we have come up with a product whose sheer force and dynamism transforms your decor, creating contemporary, edgy looking spaces that are totally on trend. more +

  • Nature has the richest palette and the most subtle ways of creating environmentally friendly paints. more +

  • KOURASANIT capitalises on its in-depth knowledge of the past to create the future: materials firmly associated with the past are now more up-to-date and contemporary than ever. more +

  • Combining excellence with functionality. Choose from nature’s rich palette of colours and select a finish that will set the surface, wall or floor off to perfection. more +

  • With repeated forms and patterns, just like a puzzle made piece by piece, nature strengthens the structures and ensures both durability and great looks. more +

  • Using the old recipe, we create cast terrazzo floors that capture modern design trends. more +

  • Nature combines different elements in structures that last forever. The floor and soil become one. more +

  • Nature favours strength and durability which is why it has created Pozzolana, a material that when mixed with water, ensures buildings will endure the test of time. more +

  • Using natural materials to unite the old with the new. more +

  • Pompey red, the yellow-pinkish hues one encounters between the Apennine Mountains and the sea, shades of green, white and brown as well as signs of ageing are just some of the characteristic colour tones one finds in terracotta tiles. more +

  • Decorative bricks, which are very on trend at the moment, are now part of our product range. more +


  • KOURASANIT’s products range widely used in modern hotels more +

  • KOURASANIT’s products are ideal for creating unique homes more +

  • KOURASANIT products are used in cafes, bars & restaurants to create a very distinctive look and feel more +

  • KOURASANIT’s products are ideal for shops that want to stand out from the crowd more +

  • KOURASANIT’s products are ideal for stylish office spaces more +

  • KOURASANIT’s products are ideal for giving public spaces that natural look and feel more +

  • KOURASANIT products upgrade the quality of restauration and renovation interventions more +