For almost four decades now we have been investing in research, knowledge and innovation. KOURASANIT capitalises on this experience to design and manufacture modern materials, paying particular attention to detail and on unwavering high quality. We keep abreast of new technologies, adapting them to our own production process. We’ve adapted our products to reflect new trends and our now setting trends ourselves by placing emphasis on the natural look and outstanding performance of our materials.


The raw materials we select also play a vital role in ensuring the quality and durability of our products. We choose aggregates rich in colour and texture from either Greece or abroad which we transform into products with a totally natural look.

Our products consist mainly of natural, artificial or recycled aggregates that undergo a very specific process. They are then mixed with pozzolana, hydrated lime and in some cases non-alkaline cement in order to create our final product which is hydraulic mortar.


KOURASANIT has an EN ISO 9001 - compliant quality management system whose sole purpose is to ensure we produce and offer our clients high quality products and services. All production phases are constantly checked and audited as part of our QMS.